Award-winning Gospel singer, songwriter and choir director, John Fisher BEM, founder and director of We Sing U Sing, a children’s music education organisation since 2007, is looking for an animator to bring to life their playful illustrations of a family of ‘music notes’ and their town ‘Music Town’. The characters currently appear in a newly released educational teaching resource for 3-6yrs which teaches about music and learning songs with stories based on Christian ideals. Books 2&3 are in the process of being illustrated and stories 4&5 are stating their development.

The successful applicant will be required to animate the first story using existing illustration assets. This animation will act as a pilot which will be pitched to the major children’s networks with the hope to animate the remaining stories if the series is picked up by the networks.

Inquiry Deadline: May 31st

Project deadline: TBC

Budget: Competative

Project Title: Music Town – animation

Audience: Pres School children 3-6yrs

Skill: Animation


One story animated 4.5mins using existing illustration assets.

For more information please contact:

Name: John Fisher

Phone number: 07971 766513


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