Justice in Motion is looking for a Community Engagement and Education Manager for their latest tour ON EDGE touring into October 2021. If proven to be successful and viable, the role may continue beyond the current touring period, and be added as one of the core team members of the company, from October 2021 onwards.

The Community Engagement and Education Manager will lead, develop and manage Justice in Motion’s community and education programme of parkour/dance based workshops and residencies in support of touring our ON EDGE outdoor parkour theatre show. The role will also oversee the implementation of a community ambassador programme for Justice in Motion in our touring locations.

Justice in Motion is an equal opportunities employer, and we particularly welcome applications from the global majority. The successful applicant could be working remotely, with occasional face to face meetings, where required, and flexible hours.

Application Deadline: 19th July

Fee: £3,000 equating to 20 days work between July – October 2021

Contact: To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to Anja at info@justiceinmotion.co.uk

More Details about the Role: https://www.justiceinmotion.co.uk/opportunities/education-manager/


Key responsibilities
Programme management and delivery

  • Be responsible for the overall success of the Community Engagement Programme, including the selling and promoting of our workshops, residencies, and Parkour Park bookings.
  • Plan, oversee and manage all community engagement activities, working with our delivery partners, community organisations and promoters who have booked the show.
  • In liaison with our Artistic Director and key partners, develop and disseminate an education pack and associated resources relating to ON EDGE and the theme of Modern Slavery, and tying our work to key aspects of the national curriculum.


About Justice in Motion

We are a professional physical theatre company that is passionate about art and social justice.

We make theatre. A powerful, thought-provoking, visual type of theatre. We tell stories about people who are victims of social injustice.

Our shows are exciting and engaging. They mix dance, theatre, parkour, aerial acrobatics, film and music. They captivate and draw you in as we shine a light into some of the dark places you can’t, normally, see.

With academic, business and charity partners we find out as much as we can about the people whose stories we tell. We give silent sufferers a voice.

When you see our shows, you will be well entertained. You will find out things that you know a little about. But, the post show discussions, programme notes, workshops and our research pages here will uncover even more.

We want you to experience the story and learn about those countless people. You might tell others. You might even make a stand for change. You could become a force for change yourself.

Alone, we may not be able to make the world a better place but together, who knows what we can achieve?